what fills your heart?


Much more than a candy store. I LOVE SUGAR is the world’s most incrEDIBLE candy experience.

Founded in 2012 with a mission to disrupt and innovate the candy industry.

Pushing the boundaries with state of the art design and extreme attention to detail is what we believe makes shoppers often refer to I LOVE SUGAR as "the Apple store of candy".

The ability to execute dream-like creativity has led the brand to an intellectual property library that consists of over 20 design patents and trademarks.

Many different forms of art including chandeliers hand made from over 30,000 cast Gummy Bears, giant mosaics made from many different candy molds and sculptures are all found throughout the spaces that we build creating a magical experience. We heART Candy.

Combine all of that with every type of candy imaginable, mix it with love and an iconic brand, I LOVE SUGAR was born.